“I’ll post pics soon” -Famous last words before I left Slovenia and my iPad did not (sorry Mom).

Good news- it was mailed back to the states. That being said, it was kind of hard for me to post pictures without a way to access my blog. But, thanks to Rhea, I now have access to a computer again and can begin a whirlwind update of the last few weeks.

-Left Slovenia (sans iPad) and went back to Graz to finish this in-class part of study abroad.

-Headed to Croatia for 3 days exploring the coast

-Spent 6 days in Sarajevo (my favorite, in case anyone was wondering)

-Back to Vienna for a day

-Prague for 2 days (met up with Rhea, Dan, and Caro… only happy cried a little)

-Berlin for 48 hours

-Munich for another 48

-Off to Venice in the morning.

LIFE IS A DREAM. Literally. Sometimes I get consumed by the details of the trip. I get overwhelmed when we have to change the whole trip because I read the website wrong (still sorry about that). I can feel burdened by this dream. That only lasts a moment though. I have been given the gift of perspective on this trip. After my first week here, I went through my pictures. As I looked back through them, I realized I only had pictures of the big, gorgeous views. Don’t get me wrong, I love those views, but you would think I spent the whole time sitting up on a mountain. I realized I was missing all the small moments that make this trip what it is

With that, some pictures:


This one cheats. It combines the big and the little. Almdudler is my new favorite soda, and this view was from my favorite hang out in Graz. Just climb a couple thousand stairs and; boom: the view.

IMG_9107 IMG_9108

This sweet old man didn’t speak a lick of English, and somehow I ended up ordering this strange two hot dog concoction from him. This became my favorite place to catch a late night snack in Graz.


This was one of the lakes in Slovenia that I absolutely fell in love with.


Funniest graffiti by far: From the worlds smallest train station in the middle of nowhere Slovenia.

IMG_9393 IMG_9427

This is the view of the main square from town hall, easily one of the best views in town. Next to it, a girl on the square feeding pigeons. Really cute, until 100 more swarmed.


I mean, that view, it looks unreal. Next to it, that playground my friend and I got distracted by while walking to that view. (sidetone: Europe had cooler playgrounds).


My favorite coffee shop that I frequented in Graz. My favorite coffee from there, a reminder that I will be in Kenya in a year and a half (ish).


The best Kebap place in town. Trust me, I think I tried them all.


The view from dinner in Sarajevo one night. I think its the night I fell in love.


I have become increasingly thankful for FaceTime. Not only because I can capture this gem, but because it has allowed me to “be there” for Pop’s service and a tree planting ceremony for Ethan.

IMG_9853 IMG_9858

Some small moments from my train ride to Prague. I actually finished this book (rare for me). And this sweet grandfather and grandson just sat there and waived at the trains as they passed. Made me cry. So precious

IMG_9884  IMG_9949

This wall speaks truth. Also, I’m with some of my favorite people in one of the coolest cities. What could be better?!?


I got to see a place that I have read and written about extensively. It was a dream come true. $10 to the first person who can tell me why it matters.


Rhea and I sat on the floor in a post office in Prague stuffing a box to send home. We will probably beat the package home. And I have never been stared at more than in this moment.


This is Max. He was super exited to show us where he puts his bike everyday. We love Max.


Also, we got to spend the whole day with Moritz (he was on exchange my junior year at East Rock). It was such a gift. He’s a real cool guy.


Rumor has is that Munich, the beer capital of the world was build around this giant barrel of beer that dropped out of the sky 859 years ago. Unfortunately, the beer is said to run out in the year 2025. It is hitting crisis levels, as we found out when a part of the city was completely shut down to all public transportation in an attempt to save the beer and the civilization. Or at least, that’s what I heard from Rhea.


Ok, now I ‘m getting kicked out of the cafe with the wifi. Here are just a few big and small moments.

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    You are so cool. I’ve been catching up with you and your journey through Snapchat, Instagram, and this amazing blog of yours. It feels as if we’re sitting in the back corner of Chick-Fil-A drinking hot sauce infused strawberry milkshakes and eating a Chick-Fil-A original nuggets meal, again.

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