So a Couple of Things Happened.

So couple of things happened in the last two months. I got baptized, finished the hardest semester of college yet, accepted a job (and kind of started it), graduated college, went to the Middle East for a few weeks, moved out of my house (while not actually moving into a new house), said goodbye to […]


Right before spring break started, I had a conversation with a professor about a paper and my high hopes for productivity over spring break. As I was getting up to leave, he reminded me to take time to rest. At first, I was offended. I don’t need rest. I am perfectly fine. Do I look tired […]


So I went to Greece a few weeks ago and have pulled a classic Taryn move of avoiding doing any sort of real processing until now.  Just a fair warning, this is a rather lengthy post, so read it when you have time, and remember, as always, I would love to talk with you about any […]


Life moves fast. For those of you still keeping up with this blog, I am sorry. I am so bad about doing things consistently and this blog has fallen victim. In fact, I think that has been the biggest struggle for me this semester. Not only am I bad at keeping up with things consistently […]

Perfect Sin.

You know when you have those things that are gnawing at your heart, and you know you’re supposed to do it, but you don’t?  You find every reason in the book not to do that thing. This post is that thing for me. I have been thinking about it for months now, but just haven’t wanted to […]