• What I'm Processing
  • Feelings & Faith.

    The other day Jason was patiently listen to me word vomit a bunch of my feelings. At one point he paused and chuckled a little bit. Now, I don’t know about you, but laughter while you are sharing things that make you sad isn’t really the response you expect. I think I gave him a […]

  • What I'm Processing
  • 19.

    Today would have been Ethan’s 19th birthday. All week, I had a guilt rock just kind of camping out in the pit of my stomach. This guilt stemmed from a fear I was forgetting. A little back story. Since the accident, time and I have not gotten along very well. I have come to dread […]

  • What I'm Doing
  • What’s Next.

    I am so excited to get to share what’s next for me in this new season of life. As I mentioned in my most recent post, I accepted a new job (seriously PTL for a job). Without further ado…… I am a year-long intern with a mission agency based out of Harrisonburg to help develop ministry […]

  • What I'm Processing
  • Need.

    Right before spring break started, I had a conversation with a professor about a paper and my high hopes for productivity over spring break. As I was getting up to leave, he reminded me to take time to rest. At first, I was offended. I don’t need rest. I am perfectly fine. Do I look tired […]

  • What I'm Processing
  • Greece.

    So I went to Greece a few weeks ago and have pulled a classic Taryn move of avoiding doing any sort of real processing until now.  Just a fair warning, this is a rather lengthy post, so read it when you have time, and remember, as always, I would love to talk with you about any […]

  • What I'm Processing
  • Defined.

    Life moves fast. For those of you still keeping up with this blog, I am sorry. I am so bad about doing things consistently and this blog has fallen victim. In fact, I think that has been the biggest struggle for me this semester. Not only am I bad at keeping up with things consistently […]