Me Too.

I have spent lots of time deciding if I should write about this. There’s a voice in the back of my head that says, “don’t do this. you need to protect him still. it was your fault anyway. if you tell people, they will think you’re dirty, gross, and unworthy.”  That voice is the voice […]


This post will be a bit different than my others. Selfishly, I just really love this story and wanted to write it (also narrative isn’t my best work, bear with me) and if you’re reading this, chances are, at some level, you are curious about it as well (or at least, that’s what I’m telling […]

Feelings & Faith.

The other day Jason was patiently listen to me word vomit a bunch of my feelings. At one point he paused and chuckled a little bit. Now, I don’t know about you, but laughter while you are sharing things that make you sad isn’t really the response you expect. I think I gave him a […]


Today would have been Ethan’s 19th birthday. All week, I had a guilt rock just kind of camping out in the pit of my stomach. This guilt stemmed from a fear I was forgetting. A little back story. Since the accident, time and I have not gotten along very well. I have come to dread […]

So a Couple of Things Happened.

So couple of things happened in the last two months. I got baptized, finished the hardest semester of college yet, accepted a job (and kind of started it), graduated college, went to the Middle East for a few weeks, moved out of my house (while not actually moving into a new house), said goodbye to […]


Right before spring break started, I had a conversation with a professor about a paper and my high hopes for productivity over spring break. As I was getting up to leave, he reminded me to take time to rest. At first, I was offended. I don’t need rest. I am perfectly fine. Do I look tired […]